Impressions from SymOrg

Bosiljka Radović, Head of digital channels office, Banca Intesa

It was of a great honor to be part of this International Symposium with a long-lasting tradition and as a panel participant to present trends in the Bank’s digital operations. With impeccable organization and the opportunity to share the experiences of different companies, throughout best  practice examples we were once again reminded of the importance of flexibility in everyday business, especially in a dynamic environment and period such as the covid and post-covid era. I am proud that this was another successful initiatives behind the cooperation between Banca Intesa and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Dušan Milićević, General Manager, Comtrade System Integration

Taking participation in this year’s SymOrg 2022 panel was an inspiring experience, both because of the general topic relevance, as well as for the overall impressions that the panelists and the moderators left. We had the opportunity for a quality discussion on how the crisis caused us to have had to step out of our comfort zones in different industries, and to share our experiences and practices that have proven to establish new standards after the crisis.

Although I never thought there was really the need to “reinvent the wheel” in terms of the initial approach during the crisis – which proved correct, because regardless of the industry, the common approach to sudden work from-remote-locations circumstances was, more or less, the same across different industries – my personal key impression is that we, as a business society, have collectively changed our business mindset altogether. We are now thinking much more about the long-term sustainability, and we are aware that any current and possibly upcoming crisis can easily escalate and jeopardize the traditional ways of doing business. This makes us more aware and cautious in a business sense, and therefore we are now setting adjusted business models in a more sustainable manner.

It has been a professional honor for me to be in position to contribute to such an inspiring discussion during this panel, and a special personal pleasure to return to an institution that practically paved the way for my professional development – the institution which I am personally very proud of. 

Nikola Todorović, Air, Sea and Rail Director, Milsped Group

First of all, I would like thank Faculty of Organizational Sciences for inviting me to participate as a moderator on the panel related to Supply Chain Management and for the opportunity to identify trends and challenges in this industry with top experts in the events of the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine. I believe that the panel went well, that both the panelists and the present listeners contributed with their own views, open discussions and interaction to define, explain and show ways to overcome certain challenges and problems. The conclusion led us to the idea that the focus must be on the continuity, sustainability and resilience of the system, and certainly the focus on personnel as the most important link in supply chains.

Assoc. Prof. Igor Balaban, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Vice-Dean for Science, Projects and International Cooperation
Department of Computing and Technology
Laboratory for Advanced Technologies in Education – Head
University of Zagreb - Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin

“Very nice organisation in an outstanding facilities! A lot of people with new ideas enabled me to further explore the research findings related to my area of expertise. The programme and the structure of the sections enabled participants to join and discuss their topics of interest.”

Filip Peovski, M.Sc., Teaching and Research Assistant
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Faculty of Economics - Skopje
North Macedonia

As a first-time participant at the XVIII International Symposium Symorg 2022, I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear worldwide renowned academicians and researchers. Personally, I liked the opportunity to discuss each individual paper after its presentation, leading to a constructive discussion towards strengthening and expanding the existing research. The exceptional organization really put it all together for a perfect and unique experience, both for the formal sessions and supplementary on-field activities. Conducting the plenary sessions in the new building was on point, as it shows the level of investment in higher education for which we all strive. The hospitality was unmatched followed by open and approachable organizers and participants for future cooperation. Bravo to the Faculty of organizational sciences at the University of Belgrade for making me put the next Symorg symposium on my to-do list.

Violeta Cvetkoska, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Faculty of Economics - Skopje
North Macedonia

Fascinating experience of SYMORG2022’s deep essence and extraordinary organization on the topic of “Sustainable Business Management and Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era” in the new Faculty of Organizational Sciences building built to the highest standards for higher education. The four-day international symposium featured outstanding plenary talks, parallel sessions, a Doctoral Colloquium, Circle U, two round tables, and social events. It allowed for the acquisition of new knowledge, and the transmission of expertise from professionals and researchers, and it sparked a lot of interest in the attendees for fruitful discussions and networking, which laid the groundwork for future mutual cooperation.

Aleksander Aristovnik, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics and Management in Administration
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

I am honored to be part of XVIII International Symposium SymOrg 2022 perfectly organized by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, which gathered many Serbian, regional, and high-profile international scholars, experts, policymakers, practitioners, lecturers, and students. This year’s conference topic Sustainable Business Management and Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era, was especially relevant as sustainability and digitalization became integral parts of our lives. The critical reflections of high-profile politicians and scholars were followed by numerous parallel sessions where we could attend exciting presentations of recent research findings. I consider the SymOrg to be an essential platform in the Balkan region and beyond where different domestic and international stakeholders can share their views on how to tackle some of the world’s most pressing business, organizational and digital challenges, and I look forward to exploring further avenues of collaboration and engagement with SymOrg and Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Basant Agarwal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota, India

The conference has been a revelation on the increasing role of AI in improving business standards. It provided a very nurturing environment to all the business leaders and tech-leaders from around the world to be a part of an energetic and enthusiastic discussion among researchers from interdisciplinary fields. Hoping that this will help a lot of rising entrepreneurs and startups.

Priyanka Harjule, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
Department of Mathematics
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (MNIT), India

“The conference provided a platform for startups, academia, students and business leaders to come together and exchange ideas to explore the opportunities for sustainable collaboration. The panel and round table discussions provided an innovative perspective to all the stakeholders.”

Professor Adriana Budeanu
Associate Professor
Copenhagen Business School

It’s an excellent conference. I would like to emphasize that I like the fact that so many young people are involved in organizing it. We all know how that can bring a lot of energy into the content and also to the format of the Conference. Props to the organizers.

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