Environmental and Social Impact of Digitalization

Track moderator

Nataša Petrović, PhD

professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade


Dr Nataša B. Petrović is a full professor at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade,, where she acquired her Ph.D. (2002) degree in Environmental management. The areas of her research include: Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Sustainable Development, Green Marketing, Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, Environmental Risk Management, Energy Efficiency. She is a Head of the Center for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.


Digitalization era and omnipresence of information systems and technologies in our everyday lives leads to the increased energy demand that can lead to the magnified exploitation of energy resources, which results in increasing degradation of the environment. Thus the digital era in which we live sets new challenges in front of today’s generation, that need to be addressed, in an global attempt to reach equilibrium in enabling future generations to fulfill their potentials according to the ecological, energy and socio-cultural changes that await them in the world with exponential population growth and energy demand on the planet with finite resources.

Date and time

Will be announced soon

Key topics

  • Digital Age and Environmental Sustainability
  • IT Industry Related Environmental Impacts
  • Digital Environmental Responsibility
  • Green and Renewable Energy Portfolio for the Future
  • Green Digital Economy
  • E-Waste Management
  • Digital IT Industry Life Cycle Assessment


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May 7 Notification of paper acceptance
May 18 Deadline for early-bird registration
June 1 Deadline for standard registration
June 07 - 10 Symposium