Symorg is a symposium traditionally organized and hosted by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences – University of Belgrade ever since 1989 with the aim of profoundly adding to the current body of knowledge in the fields of management and information systems.

We are pleased to present the Proceedings of the XVI International Symposium of Organizational Sciences - Symorg2018 with the double-blind peer-reviewed papers presented at the Symposium. Following almost three decades of tradition in organizing this Symposium, participants had an opportunity to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences in a highly creative environment.

The main topic of this Symposium was the transformation of business affected by the digitalization. Accordingly, we named it ‘Doing Business in the Digital Age: Challenges, Approaches and Solutions’. Simultaneously with 14 different tracks related to the main topic, the Symposium included four round tables, one project-related workshop and an undergraduate case study hackathon competition.

It seems that today more than ever before, we are witnessing major changes in business operations of many organizations. This Symposium aimed to provide the answers to a myriad of problems arising from new business models created by blurring the lines separating the digital and the physical world. As new disruptive technologies and ever-changing needs of important business stakeholders reshape the world of business, digital transformation becomes almost a necessity. Our ambition was to create new visions and catalyze this transformation.

The Proceedings are the result of an extraordinary effort made by the authors, reviewers, track moderators and the Symposium organizers. All the accepted papers in the Proceedings are rganized in the following 14 sections:

  • Leveraging Technology in Digital Business
  • Management in the Digital Age
  • Data Processing and Analytics in the Digital Age
  • Organization and Business Models in the Digital Age
  • Quality and Business Excellence
  • Transformation of Financial Services
  • Digital Trends in Marketing and Strategic Communications
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship and SME in the Digital Age
  • Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Capital in the Digital Age
  • Human Capital in the Digital Environment
  • Digital Public Administration
  • Operations Management for a Digital World
  • Environmental and Social Impact of Digitalization.

Together with the papers, the Proceedings include the extended abstracts of invited keynote speakers to whom we express our sincere gratitude. We would also like to thank all the institutions, associations and individuals who supported and enriched the Symposium, especially the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, sponsors, delegates and volunteers.

Belgrade, May 30, 2018

Nevenka Žarkić Joksimović, PhD
Sanja Marinković, PhD